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10YO: Tech Enthusiasts!

10YO: Tech Enthusiasts!

Exciting updates from our 10-year-old tech enthusiasts! Our young innovators have already dived into an engaging project that spotlights the practical applications of spreadsheet technology. With their creativity ignited, they are working collaboratively with the technology teacher on a project that emphasizes spreadsheet applications, showcasing their budding understanding of technology and its relevance to their education.

These tech students are not just exploring spreadsheet applications; they are fully immersed in activities that include creating and utilizing spreadsheets, tracking data through various engaging projects, and using essential functions. The teacher-student collaboration has led to fascinating investigations, including topics such as weather tracking, school improvements, and even the influence of human activity on nature. 

In addition to their spreadsheet adventures, these students have been making strides with a 3D printer under the guidance of their teacher. This hands-on experience enhances their technological proficiency and expands their creative horizons.  Is not only shaping their understanding of technology but also encouraging them to think critically and unleash their artistic flair. The 3D printer has become a cornerstone in their educational journey.  Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible creations these budding innovators are bringing to life!

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