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10YO: Three-day Adventure Across Albania

10YO: Three-day Adventure Across Albania

The 10-year-old classes had a wonderful three-day adventure across Albania. We left Tuesday to travel to Berat. We toured the 2400 year old fort and visited the ethnographic museum.

Later that day we traveled to Gjirokaster, just in time to check into the Musee hotel with a beautiful view of the castle and valley below. Thursday was a tour of the castle and museum, the Cold War tunnel, and the Skenduli house. Of course, souvenir shopping was a big hit.

Thursday we finished our tours in Gjirokaster and drove to the Ecuador resort in Vlore. Evening swim, dinner, bonfire all before bed. The next day we swam for a couple of hours in the sea before visiting Apollonia on the way home.

We all had a great time! We wish everyone the best in middle school next year. Congratulations!

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