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10YO: What Have we Been up To?

10YO: What Have we Been up To?

Graphic Novels and Comic Strips - After reading graphic novels in our book clubs and analyzing comic strips, students created their own comic strips using the online Pixton program.  It was a favorite Literacy unit for many students and a nice change of pace from the recent essays they've been writing!

Mummified Apples - As an extended activity for our Cultural Studies unit on Ancient Egypt, students experienced a modified process of mummification using an apple.  We are now watching an waiting to see what happens as the mummies slowly change in our classroom.

Staff Appreciation Day - Students took the reins designing unique ways to express our thanks and gratitude towards Mr. Elvin and Ms. Eva who work tirelessly every day.  These included poems, cards of thanks, a handmade rose, a song, and some small gifts.  

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