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12YO: Research, research, research

12YO: Research, research, research

Students in the 12-year-old writing class have been hard at work polishing their research skills. These young minds began the writing process by formulating research questions to guide their research. Some examples of student research questions are: How do supermarkets use psychology to get us to buy more? Why is fast fashion bad and how can we support small businesses? How is the placebo effect all around us? What makes a child gifted? How do parenting styles affect a child’s development and well-being? As students conduct their research, a strong emphasis is put on gathering information from reliable sources. Students will incorporate supporting details by properly paraphrasing or citing this information in MLA format in order to avoid plagiarism.  The final research will be presented to an audience in an interactive way so that students can showcase their findings. Approaching research in this manner allows students to develop and demonstrate the 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

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