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3YO: Amazing Critters🦎🦗🐛

3YO: Amazing Critters🦎🦗🐛

This week 3-year-old Tulips learned that Bugs are everywhere! These small but mighty creatures may seem pesky, yet many insects have very important jobs. Tulips loved to learn this week about all of the creepy crawlies around them.

The world of insects allows for just that as they are found on the ground, in flowers, and the air. They’re fun to search for, catch, and identify too! So we went for a big hunt around the school.

In class, we learned the concept of insect classification: six legs and two wings, head, thorax, and abdomen. We used all-natural materials such as rocks, sticks, and leaves as manipulatives for many learning activities to teach math and literacy concepts. 

Then on the last day, Tulips had an amazing surprise: one of the students brought a real Chameleon to our class, so we could see and observe him from a close distance.

What a great week was it!

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