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3YO: Busy Bees

3YO: Busy Bees

What's the Buzz all about? It's all about the Bees of course!

Bees are responsible for approximately one in every three bites of food we eat which is all the more reason why it is so important to continue to share the planet with such important creatures and ultimately crucial to teach our children about bees and how to protect them.

3YO Marigolds class was buzzing with excitement as for the circle time instead of their teacher, a beekeeper came to visit! 😉

Children experienced a full immersion into beekeeping world, they saw all the necessary equipment for beekeeping, learned all about hexagon shaped honeycombs and inspected them with a magnifying glass, made a beautiful bee craft and transferred the nectar from one cell to another with an eyedropper. 

Well, our little bumblebees are hard workers too that will not miss a chance to eat some sweet honey!

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