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5YO: Hexagons, Gardening, and More!

5YO: Hexagons, Gardening, and More!

There's a lot going on in the 5-Year-Old Orange classroom!  This week we did some gardening with Ms. Valbona, planting tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins. In math, the students rose to the challenge of making composite shapes using 2 or more basic shapes. Can you make a hexagon using 3 triangles, 5 trapezoids, and 1 hexagon? The 5-Year-Olds can! Finally, we spent some time getting ready to cheer on two teams in the Middle School Volleyball tournament: the TIS Tigers and the ASW Warriors! Go teams, go! We've got the spirit, yes we do, we've got the spirit, how about you?!

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