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5YO: Weather Watchers!

5YO: Weather Watchers!

The 5-year-old orange students are weather watchers!  They are keeping journals with their drawings of each day's weather, which include what's in the sky, whether it's windy or not, what's the temperature (what kind of clothes we are wearing), and if it's wet or dry.  As part of our weather study, the students learned about the water cycle and recreated it inside of Ziplock bags this week.  The students were excited to see water droplets in the "atmosphere" of some of their bags.  This also made us wonder why some bags did not have water droplets in the atmosphere- hmmmm?  Later in the week, we made wind vanes to check the direction the wind is blowing.  Next up, we'll learn about severe weather and make tornadoes in bottles!  Weather watching sure is fun!

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