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6YO: 6YO Orange Counts Down to Summer! 

6YO: 6YO Orange Counts Down to Summer! 

6YO Orange Counts Down to Summer! 

Their school year went by in a blink! So much learning and fun has happened with the students as we’ve seen them grow and prepare for the next year. 

With only weeks left of school there’s so much learning and fun still to be done! The ABC Countdown to Summer has started… just check out some of the fun things we’ve been up to. 

B is for Bubble: students explored with soap and water and saw the bubble magic occur. 

C is for Chocolate: 4 different kinds of Chocolate was tasted and with taste buds delighted ranked their favorite. 

F is for Fruit: different sweet fruits we’re brought in to share as a class fruit salad was created and enjoyed the kiddos. 

G is for Game: a variety of games were brought and taught. Students cooperatively played new and interesting games. 

So many more letters to explore on our fun filled ABC Countdown to Summer.  

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