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7YO: Coming Soon: TIS School Garden

7YO: Coming Soon: TIS School Garden

The 7 YO class is hard at work helping create a school garden. They learned about community gardens, designed some raised beds made out of repurposed pallet wood, and made a presentation of their proposal to Mr. Mudd. Mr. Mudd had some questions for them, and after they revised and added some details, it was building time! Students used their growing measurement skills to mark the wood and make sure that all the pieces were where they needed to be before working together to screw in all the fasteners. Finally, the frame was together and it was off to the forest to collect layers of sticks and dry leaves to use as the bottom layers of their "lasagna garden". They topped it off with some finished compost and soil, sorted through the seed collection to decide what to plant first and now the garden that was just an idea is a reality!

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