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9YO: Great Writing is Underway!

9YO: Great Writing is Underway!

Students in Mr. Wood's literacy class are learning a fun and structured approach to writing narrative paragraphs. The approach uses the colors of a traffic light to identify/write the topic sentence (green), state the big star ideas (yellow), and write the details and explanations about each star idea (red), as well as closing by reminding the reader of their topic sentence in a newly worded way (green). Students have had the opportunity to analyze paragraphs, sort sentences into their proper order with sentence strips, brainstorm a paragraph with a partner, and work on editing and revisions interactively as a whole group. Now, students are working independently on their own new brainstorm and paragraph based on all they have learned with this structured technique. The goal is to end with structured well-written descriptive paragraphs. With continued practice and persistence comes great writing. Way to go, 9's!

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