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Athletics & Activities 12/2

Athletics & Activities 12/2


The second session of ASA's begins on Monday, December. 5. A good way to keep track of your child's activities is by using the SchoolsBuddy app. There is a calendar on there, and you can see your child's activities for each day.

9/10-Year-Old Soccer Games

The TIS middle school boys and girls teams will be playing against other international schools in Tirana on Thursday, December 5. The games are from 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. at Kompleksi Sportiv Loku. Come out and cheer them on!

Tiger Hoodies

Tiger hoodies should be coming in next week. If you have already paid, I will send them home with your child. If you have not yet paid, I will send the hoodie home with your child once you pay.

CEESA Events for Middle School and Secondary Students 

**Secondary MUN will travel to Prague from January 18-22**

Tennis Court Use

TIS parents and students are welcome to use the TIS tennis court on the weekend when booked in advance. Parents must have a parent I.D. If you do not have one, please contact reception. The court is for recreational use only.

Tennis Court Booking

Athletics and Activities Website

You can find more information about athletics and activities on the school website.

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