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Concern for Others Boxes

Concern for Others Boxes

It's true - kindness spreads and TIS is good at spreading it.  Not only was filling a box for a needy child something kind but it was a meaningful experience for our students:

"It was truly heartwarming to help the Roma people last night who live on the fringes of society and experience such hardships and struggles. One of the advantages to teaching abroad is the chance to share the privileges we have in our lives that come to us from sheer luck. Meeting the Roma people on their terms, where they live is very meaningful to me. One moment I will remember is when a little boy, about 2 years old, opened his box immediately to find pajama pants. He pulled his old pants right off and delighted in putting on the new pajamas. He was smiling from ear to ear. Another teenage girl said "thank you" in English and was so proud of herself when she saw our smiles."

"For me I see, just how lucky I am."

"I also found that even though they weren't saying thank you, they were extremely grateful for the things we brought to them."

"That was really fun.  It's fun to see them so happy."

"It means a lot to us to understand and have empathy for how people work so hard to survive in this world."

"Something that stuck out was when a man was asking us for water to wash himself. I was really annoyed that we didn't bring any water, because these are simple needs."

"Last night there were some little girls who were touching my hair, smiling and pointing at it and talking to each other. I assume they were gushing about how our hair was different colors, and I thought that was cute."

"We need to do more things like this, Mrs. Mudd.  This is really important."

"The kids loved their gifts!  I'm so happy to make them happy."

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