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IE: Elementary & MS/SEC Literacy Support

IE: Elementary & MS/SEC Literacy Support

For the past few weeks, Elementary Intensive Students have been working on Novel and Authors’ studies. They have been enjoying reading the books “Matilda” and “The Witches” and answering comprehension questions. They have been practicing setting, characters, inferences about characters, and how the story could change if the setting changes. Way to go!  

MS and HS Literacy Support    

MS literacy support students are getting help with their literacy curriculum, and other subjects as well, such as Mathematics and Science. 11-year-old students have been practicing grammar using “noredink”, whereas the others have been practicing both prefixes, suffixes, and grammar, using the Phonics books and “noredink” assignments.      

HS Literacy Suporrt students get help with their literacy curriculum, as well as enrich their vocabulary regarding Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies, and practice reading comprehension.   

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