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Message from Athletics & Activities 3/1

Message from Athletics & Activities 3/1

Session 3 ASAs

Schedules for Session 3 will be posted on Monday, March 4

ASA Schedules

CEESA MS Girls Basketball 

Good luck to the MS Girls Basketball team at the CEESA tournament in Belgrade on March 1-2!

CEESA MS Boys Basketball Tournament at TIS March 1-2

TIS is thrilled to host the CEESA MS boys basketball tournament on March 1-2. We are hosting teams from QSI Tbilisi, The International School of Azerbaijan, NOVA International School, Istanbul International Community School, and the International School of Belgrade.



ASA's finish on Friday, March 8.

I encourage you to peruse the list of upcoming CEESA/Out-of-Country Events outlined below. There are numerous middle school and secondary events scheduled in the coming months, providing exciting opportunities for our students to participate and showcase their talents.

High School Basketball

The TIS Secondary girls basketball team plays ACT in the finals on Tuesday, March 5 at 4:10 p.m. at TIS.

CEESA/Out-of-Country Events

  • Feb. 28-Mar. 3: CEESA HS Boys Basketball in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Feb. 29-Mar. 3: CEESA MS Girls Basketball in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mar. 1-2: CEESA MS Boys Basketball at TIS
  • Mar. 13: QSI MS/HS Virtual Chess

Tennis ASA Information


The tennis interest survey for Session 3 has been sent out. Please fill it out if your child is interested in participating.

Tennis Interest Survey

CEESA/Out-of-Country Trips

First page of the PDF file: CEESAschedule15
First page of the PDF file: CEESAschedule16

Tennis Court Use

TIS parents and students are welcome to use the TIS tennis court on the weekend when booked in advance. Parents must have a parent I.D. If you do not have one, please contact reception. The court is for recreational use only.

Athletics and Activities Website

You can find more information about athletics and activities on the school website.

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