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Message from Mr. Mudd 5/21

Message from Mr. Mudd 5/21

Wow!  Well, that was fun! 
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the TIS family at the International Fair 2022, it was a special evening!

The event was a team effort and we have so many people to thank:

  • PSG representatives, Joanna, Gledis, Zsofie, Alyssa, and Valbona who helped to communicate with their teams of countries
  • All the country leaders who helped to organize their country's booth, presentation, country baskets, and more
  • The MCs for the night: Etjen, Arbi, Julianna, and Altja who did a tremendous job keeping us on schedule and committing themselves to the entire night
  • Our country flag bearers who did a great job kicking off the evening with the Parade of Nations
  • All kids, moms, dads, teachers, staff, and friends who practiced and showcased their country on stage
  • Ambassador Kim from the USA for visiting and supporting
  • USA Marines for making a guest appearance at the USA booth
  • Ambassador TAKADA Mitsuyuki from Japan for helping at the Japanese booth
  • Ms. Alba Frangaj for the sound system and videographer
  • Ms. Fabiola Hysenbelliu for donated waters, sodas, hotdogs, buns, and beers
  • Ms. Nevila Peshkepia and her husband for his drone work and Youtube video
  • Ms. Marsela Bilani for fabulous photos to commemorate the event
  • Ms. Suela Fejzollari for staffing and supplying two trampolines from Latitude
  • Mr. Gjergji Joti for sharing Birra Triana with us all
  • Ardjana Kalo for the choir
  • Everyone who helped Ukraine to raise $360 in their silent auction fundraiser
  • All those who purchased tickets for the Country Basket raffle!  The amount is yet to be determined but we can confirm at the PSG meeting on Wednesday. It was an overwhelming success no doubt!
  • TIS maintenance staff for set up, take down, and everything in between, including their hard work on Saturday morning
  • TIS security for helping with parking and traffic flow
  • TIS cleaning crew for fabulous dancing and picking up after everyone
  • TIS office staff for all the behind-the-scenes prepping, planning, and follow-through
  • TIS teachers for staffing the playgrounds, raffle booth, and kid area. As well as stepping in to give a break to smaller country tables. 
  • Ms. Thurner, Ms. Elisa, and Ms. Ortenca for helping keep the presentations running smoothly all night
  • Mr. Erdit and Mr. Alban for manning the sound booth

Again, it was a team effort!  There is likely someone that I missed thanking, so please forgive me but know that all efforts were greatly appreciated.

Let's do it again next year!

Speaking of next year, we have a couple more incoming teachers to introduce. Both of these teachers happen to be transferring from the QSI school in Sarajevo, Bosnia.  They will be a great addition to our staff.  

Back to this week. There has been information sent out by the Ministry of Education in regards to the EUFA conference league final football match on Wednesday, May 25th.  TIS is working to confirm the educational plan for our students that day.  More information will be provided on Monday.

Warm Regards,

Jon Mudd


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