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Message from Mr. Tempel 3/1

Message from Mr. Tempel 3/1

Greetings Middle School and Secondary Parents and Students! 

Here is what's happening with our Middle School and Secondary students:


CEESA Events for 2024:

Please remember that any time your students go on a CEESA trip, they are responsible for any school work they miss. These trips are an amazing opportunity, but will require some sacrifice on the part of the students as they will have work to make up when they return. 

Upcoming CEESA Events:


MS Girls Basketball - Belgrade, Serbia - March 1 - 4

MS Boys Basketball - Tirana, Albania (hosting) - March 2 - 3

  • See Rina Scates post for tournament information

Secondary Boys Basketball - Vilnius, Lithuania - March 1 - 4


Non-CEESA Basketball:

Tuesday, March 7:

4:10 - High School Girls Basketball vs ACT - TAIS Championship!

Wednesday, March 6:

3:00 - 6:00 - Middle School Boys Basketball TAIS Tournament


Week Without Walls

As we confirm with our students, plans are under way! We will be talking to those who did not sign up for a traveling trip to see how many are interested in local trips. Once we know who is interested, we can begin planning some great outings with them! 

As the trips and costs vary, we will have informational meetings for parents so you can hear more about each trip as you and your student decide the trip that is best for them.

Now that we have had both student/parent informative meetings for Middle School and High School, it is time to sign up!

  • Middle School permission forms are past due. If your student did not bring the form but you want them to attend, please contact me directly. We have already sent numbers to the company, so we will have to ask if we can add more. 
    • Fees are due by this Friday, 1 March
  • Secondary sign ups begin on Monday, 19 February
    • Sign ups are now closed. We have sent out communication regarding which trip the student is assigned to. 
    • Once we have confirmed all students, we will be in contact with the parents.
    • Some trips may request earlier payment based on specifics of the trip. We will be in direct contact regarding these details. 
    • Forms will be available for students to bring home and fill out on Monday, 4 March.
  • There will be local trips for those students not wishing to travel or for those who did not secure the trip they originally desired.
  • Secondary permission forms and other documents are due Friday, 8 March. Payment is also due Friday, 8 March.
    • Students may forfeit their spot if they do not have payment in by 8 March. 


Week Without Walls will take place the week of 3-7 June. Departure and return times/dates will vary depending on the trip. 

Weekly Teams Updates: 

You may be receiving emails from Microsoft Teams with updates on your student's progress in particular classes. This may depend on how the teacher has set up Teams in their class. Be looking for these emails!

You can also log into your student's Team's account and look at rubrics and check their progress. This is a great way to keep up with what was going on. If you are not sure how to login, ask your student for their login and they can help get you in. 


Quintile 4 Began Tuesday, 27 February! This means there are only two more to go! If you notice that your student is not closing units (mastered with a "B" or an "A"), please reach out to the teacher. It's never too late to ask these important questions about your student's progress in any class! It can be very difficult for students to catch up as the year moves along quickly!


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding grading or how to check your student's status report in the Parent Portal. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

There is much more to follow, but that's all for now.

I am excited for all the wonderful things that are happening this school year! Thank you so much for your support for our TIS community and your students!

Jeff Tempel 

Middle School/Secondary Director of Instruction 


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