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Message from Mr. Tempel 5/26

Message from Mr. Tempel 5/26

Greetings Middle School and Secondary Parents and Students! 

Here is what's happening with our Middle School and Secondary students:

There arev now THREE weeks to go! 

I though now would be a good time to begin the countdown...

There are now 15 school days left! Remember, this includes Week Without Walls (May 29-June 2) and the last week of school. For our Secondary IV students, this means 10 school days left until graduation


Here are some important things coming up:

  • Week of May 29-June 2 - Week Without Walls! 
  • June 9 - Graduation
  • June 14 - Middle School and Secondary Field Day
  • June 15 -  Middle School and Secondary Trip to Equos Water Park
  • June 16 - Awards/Last Day of School! - Students Released Early 

Week Without Walls

It's here! Trips are leaving next week! Chaperones have sent out information and many of you have had meetings with your student's chaperones. Don't hesitate to reach out to the chaperones with any questions! Don't forget to join the parent WhatsApp groups to keep up with the latest information. 

As you know, students will be traveling to various places:

Secondary Trips:

Valencia, Spain - Chaperones: Dr. Johnson, Ms. Minollari, Mr. Hall 

Ioannina, Greece - Chaperones: Mr. Muca, Ms. Juka

Genoa, Italy - Chaperones: Ms. Lila, Mr. Botha (Looks like all worked out for him to come!)

Peaks of the Balkans - Chaperones: Mr. Scates, Mrs. Scates

Sicily - Chaperones: Mr. Vernon, Ms. Catri, Mr. Sargent

Middle School Trips:

13 yo - Chaperones: Mr. Barboza, Ms. Kola

12 yo - Chaperones: Mr. Ehrler, Ms. Graves, Mr. Shehu

11 yo - Chaperones: Mrs. Hall, Ms. Rich, Mr. Tempel 

Local Trips:

Middle School - Chaperones: Ms. Sloughter, Mr. Sellers

Secondary - Chaperones: Ms. Flake, Ms. Clipp, Ms. Turner

Local trips will leave from TIS each day. Students may be asked to bring some money for the trips. This information will come to you in the coming days. Trips are planned for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

*Students can come to school and work on completing units. If your student chooses to do this, please let us know! 

At this point most details are ready and trips leave starting with the first one on Monday afternoon! The rest of the trips leave on Tuesday with Sicily leaving early in the morning. As the time grow closer and the excitement grows, don't hesitate to reach out with any last minute questions. 

Week Without Walls, here we come!  


Have a wonderful weekend! 


Jeff Tempel 

Middle School/Secondary Director of Instruction 


First page of the PDF file: WWW23MSParentPresentationSlides

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