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Message from Mr. Tempel 9/22

Message from Mr. Tempel 9/22

Greetings Middle School and Secondary Parents and Students! 

Next week starts week 5!

Here is what's happening with our Middle School and Secondary students:

MAP Testing:

Map testing bagan on Monday, 18 September and will finish by Friday, 13 October. Your students will be tested in Math, Reading and Language Usage. They will test in class with their Math teachers and Writing and Literature teachers. All students from the 11 yo class through the Secondary II class will be taking these exams. Here is the schedule for the upcoming week:  

Monday, 25 September:

Intensive English - Mr. Shehu

12 yo Language Usage - Ms. Znidarsic

Writing I Language Usage - Ms. Znidarsic

Tuesday, 26 September:

11 yo Reading - Mrs. Hall

Algebra - Ms. Turner

Wednesday, 27 September

Math - Ms. Kola

13 yo Math - Dr. Johnson

Thursday, 28 September:

12 yo Reading - Ms. Znidarsic

11 yo Language Usage - Mrs. Hall

Literature I Reading - Ms. Znidarsic


Team Building Day!

We had an AMAZING time on Wednesday! It was hot, but the students and staff persevered and had a wonderful day of competition and team building! 


Secondary Lock In!

Please see below some important information from STUCO:

Friday, 22nd September, Secondary STUCO has planned a lock-in for all Secondary students at TIS. The event is set to begin at 18:00 on Friday evening and will end at 07:00 on Saturday, September 23. Events will include:

· Karaoke/Lip Sync – Bonfire - Volleyball Tournament – Movies - And many more!

All students must go home and then return at 18:00 as the event will not start before 18:00. If a student chooses to come to the event, but does not want to stay all night, the student must leave by 21:30. All students remaining after 21:30 will be expected to stay until 07:00 on Saturday.

Adult Supervision:

Students will be supervised at all times. We will have separate areas for boys and girls if any students decide they want to sleep or rest. We will have classrooms set aside as “quiet rooms” but boys and girls will not be allowed to be in these resting areas together.

Mr. Tempel will be at the event the entire time. We will also have other female and male staff there all evening, so students will be supervised for the entire event.


Cost of the event is 800ALL. Snacks will be available for sale by STUCO and students can also bring their own snacks to the event. Pica and drinks are included in the price.

Students will be allowed to have their phones with them during the event.

Alcohol, tobacco, vape and illegal substances are prohibited at this event.


Any student vialating this mandate or any other school policy (as this is a school event), will be asked to leave. Parents will be called and asked to pick up their student, regardless of the time.

This information was on the permission slips that were sent out on Wednesday. Permission slips should be turned no later than Monday, 18 September. 

Mr. Tempel Out of the Country

I will be attending the QSI Director of Instruction conference next week and will not be at school Monday, 25 September - Friday, 29 September. You can still contact me, but I may be slower to respond. If there are immediate needs, please contact our School Counselor Ms. Tempel at or Mr. Mudd at


There is much more to follow, but that's all for now.

I am excited for all the wonderful things that are coming this school year! Thank you so much for your support for our TIS community and your students!

Jeff Tempel 

Middle School/Secondary Director of Instruction 


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