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Message from Mr. Tempel 9/29

Message from Mr. Tempel 9/29

Greetings Middle School and Secondary Parents and Students! 

Next week starts week 6!

Here is what's happening with our Middle School and Secondary students:

MAP Testing:

Map testing bagan on Monday, 18 September and will finish by Friday, 13 October. Your students will be tested in Math, Reading and Language Usage. They will test in class with their Math teachers and Writing and Literature teachers. All students from the 11 yo class through the Secondary II class will be taking these exams. Here is the schedule for the upcoming week:  

Tuesday, 3 October:

11 yo Language Usage - Mrs. Hall

Thursday, 5 October:

13 yo Language Usage - Mr. Sellers

11 yo Reading - Mrs. Hall

Thursday, 5 October:

Algebra - Ms. Turner

13 yo Reading - Mr. Sellers


There is much more to follow, but that's all for now.

I am excited for all the wonderful things that are coming this school year! Thank you so much for your support for our TIS community and your students!

Jeff Tempel 

Middle School/Secondary Director of Instruction 


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