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Message from Mrs. Banek 2/3

Message from Mrs. Banek 2/3

Elementary News

Dear Families/Caregivers of Elementary Students,

     SNOW!! Or, perhaps I should say, "HAIL!" It was a treat to wake up and see the snow on the ground. The children had a blast outside today at recess. We had extra staff on duty to ensure students were safe as they joyfully played in the snow. 

Transitions for younger students:

      The overall number of tardies in the elementary division went down this week. Thank you so much for prioritizing academics. I want to remind you of identified ways that you can help our younger students with transitions:

      Sometimes, transitioning from home to school is challenging for younger students. There are ways that you can help with this:

  • Arriving at school on time helps your child arrive with their peers. When students come late and see that the day has already started, this creates issues as their peers have already begun working on their instructional tasks.  
  • Positive talk about school: Always using positive language when talking about school helps our younger students feel confident that school is a safe, caring space for all. 
  • Not making promises you can't keep: Children need consistency. For students, knowing their job right now is to be a student means they will be in school full-day every day. When parents say they will pick up their students early to help ease their struggles, it creates more stress and anxiety for the child later on when the early pick-up doesn't happen. Reiterating that they will have a great day at school, that there are safe, caring adults who will help them learn and have fun, and that mom and dad will see them after school will help to create good routines for a successful day. 

The 100th Day of School is February 10th

      It's hard to believe it, but the 100th day is almost upon us. Some of our younger-aged classes have fun activities planned for this day. Please be on the lookout for information from your classroom teacher. 


    Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. 


All the best,

Yaisa Banek

Director of Instruction – Elementary

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