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Message from Mrs. Banek 6/16

Message from Mrs. Banek 6/16

Elementary News

Dear Families/Caregivers of Elementary-Aged Students, 

     What an amazing final week we had in elementary! Our students successfully completed their final units of study, showcased their talents in class performances, enjoyed yearbook signing, celebrated with end-of-year parties, and ended the year with an exciting field day on Friday.

     It has truly been a fantastic year. Witnessing the growth of our students from the beginning of the year, as they eagerly embraced new classrooms and teachers, to now, where they have become more knowledgeable in various subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, cultural studies, languages, as well as essential classes like art, technology, library, PE, and music.

     Our spring concerts were a testament to how much our students have learned, demonstrating their understanding of rhythm, note reading, and musical instrument skills.

     Furthermore, our students have become more EMPOWERED through our new child protection curriculum. They have also embraced our Success Orientations, understanding that being respectful, hard-working individuals is just as crucial as being intelligent.

     Looking ahead, I am excited for the upcoming year, where we will continue to grow and learn from one another. In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday.

     See you next year!


All the best,

Yaisa Banek

Director of Instruction – Elementary

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