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Message from Mrs. Banek 10/28

Message from Mrs. Banek 10/28

Elementary News

Dear families/caregivers of elementary students,

Welcome to Quintile 2! We've got a busy 7 weeks ahead of us before winter break. Rest assured that our educational staff will make the most of every minute. It's a joy to hear the classrooms and hallways full of inquisitive learning, laughter, and celebration. Our teachers continue to build systems to hold students accountable for their learning, allowing them to find mastery-level success within these learning opportunities. We have amazing students here at TIS. It's a joy to watch their learning journey. 

Parent/Family Conferences

Thank you to those parents who joined us for Parent/Family conferences this week. Final conferences will continue next week. This is a great time to ask your teachers about the MAP results, status reports, learning successes, strengths and growth areas, and so much more. 

The sign-ups are through SchoolsBuddy, and there are options for in-person and virtual meetings. 

Costume Day - October 28

Costume day will be this Friday, October 28th. This will be the same day as Trunk or Treat and the Haunted House (5:00 - 7:00, for elementary) and will be an event to remember. Please make sure that your child wears a school-appropriate costume. These are the stated expectations for costumes this year:

  • No full-face masks covering the face
  • Bloody/gory costumes and accessories are not allowed. We have a wide variety of age levels in elementary and do not want little ones frightened.
  • No weaponry accessories are allowed. 
  • Students will not use any part of their costumes or accessories to pretend to attack others.
  • The teacher has the right to remove a costume accessory or ask the student to change it if they do not follow the above protocol.

New Regulations for Volunteers

Student safety is our top priority. As such, it's important that those requesting to volunteer in our building are safe adults. We have finalized our procedures for any adult interested in helping with students (PSG events, class activity volunteers, ASA vendors, etc...). More information can be found in this newsletter. 


I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!


All the best,

Yaisa Banek

Director of Instruction – Elementary

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