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Message from Ms. Jennie 9/30

Message from Ms. Jennie 9/30

Dear Preschool Families, 

I hope this finds you happy and well.

We had a wonderful week! Although it has been quite wet, we managed to venture out to explore our forest where we cooked up a storm, practiced pouring, and collaborated in nature. We also had lots of fun in the gym where we played games, and worked on our balancing as well as ball skills. 

Many classes have started to get visits from "Mystery Readers", which the students love ❤️ The added element of mystery and people reading to the students, other than the teachers, brings excitement and helps foster a love for books and reading.

Next Monday, October 3, is the world day of bullying prevention and the whole school will gather to "Stomp Out Bullying". This week the preschool students have prepared for this by discussing what bullying is, how we can prevent it, and what it means to be a good friend. We also listened to the song "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars together, which we all will sing along to during the whole school assembly. Please help dress your child in blue on Monday for this event! #blueup

I look forward to another amazing week!

Have a great weekend.

Warm regards,  

Jennie Fredriksson 

Preschool Coordinator 


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