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MS: Native German Literacy

MS: Native German Literacy

“Come to the mill at Koselbruch. It shall not be disadvantageous for you!”, says the voice in the dream that sets the main character in the folk legend “Krabat” on his path to adventure. It is this suspenseful and sometimes spooky tale that the 11/12/13-year-old Native German Literacy class is busy reading right now. Set in the early 18th century, the legend of Krabat and the Black Mill originated among the Sorbs, one of the national minorities of Germany. So far the class has read about how Krabat, a boy in his early teens, becomes an apprentice at a mysterious mill, run by a one-eyed miller. He soon discovers that this is no ordinary mill, but doubles as a wizard school, and that mysterious accidents happen each New Years Eve. Will Krabat find a way to break free from the Black Mill with the help of the Kantorka, the beautiful singer from the neighboring village? Or will he even want to, as doing so will rob him of all the magic abilities he has learned? Next week, the class will find finally out how the tale ends.

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