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MS & SEC: The Finishing Line

MS & SEC: The Finishing Line

Students hurtle toward the finishing line of the school year, actively engaged in projects with personal meaning, infusing passion and perspicuity (“clearly expressed and easily understood; lucid” {a companion to the old teacher’s joke “eschew obfuscation”}) into presentations, portfolios, and peddling novels with persuasive essays.

Advanced Placement Psychology students use their time after the AP Exam to pursue topics of personal interest, relating them to units studied this year. Surveys, studies and experiments in social psychology, classical condition, biological bases of behavior and more guide and inform their work. With the intent of teaching others about psychology, they incorporate vocabulary, biographies, and key concepts into their engaging presentation for other students and member of our community of learning.

Theory of Knowledge scholars create exhibitions relating abstract concepts to real-world objects. Addressing “contestable” Knowledge Questions, they relate three objects (or images) of personal significance to these queries on “how do we know what we know”—epistemological inquiries that seek to produce lucid, convincing, relatable and significant findings: not an easy task, but deeply enriching.

Cultural Studies scholars embrace a wide range of historical topics, and “collect, select, and reflect” on artifacts of their learning to support learning goals, and move up “Bloom’s Taxonomy” from recall to analysis and judgement as they make sense of revolutions: industrial, American, Russian, and relate them to the world today. A recursive process, this subject’s study can last a lifetime, as we seek to guide, and to be, life-long learners.

Literature and Writing students delve into novel studies, producing essays that explore how fiction uses setting to affect plot; literary devices to affect tone; characterization; and, “much, much, more!” Their intent: to sell the book to their peers. With a wide range of genres, from science fiction to westerns to romances and intellectual dystopia, this band of 13-year-olds ready themselves for Secondary schooling next year, and encourage and celebrate the reading of worthy literature now.

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