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MS/SEC: IE and CS with Mr. Shehu

MS/SEC: IE and CS with Mr. Shehu

Middle School IE       

For the past few weeks, Middle school IE students have been working on writing a personal narrative. They have also been enjoying visualizing the events of a story, and identifying and assessing story structure, such as describing the setting and conflict development throughout the plot. Way to go!    

MS and HS Literacy Support      

Middle school (MS) literacy support students receive assistance mainly with their literacy curriculum. However, they also get help in understanding Mathematics and Science vocabulary. They engage in various language arts exercises like identifying main ideas, making inferences, and drawing conclusions using resources such as IXL and worksheets. Meanwhile, other students work on improving their sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization skills. 

High school (HS) Literacy Support students focus on their literacy curriculum while also expanding their vocabulary in Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies. They also dedicate time to enhancing their reading comprehension abilities. 

Cultural Studies 13

Cultural Studies students have been diligently comparing the Gunpowder empires. They have been examining various aspects such as types of government, cultural achievements, and the reasons for their decline. Students have also been exploring different articles to address the central question for Unit One: 'Which empire would they have preferred to live in or rule?' To conclude the unit, they had an enjoyable review session with an escape room activity. Way to go!" 

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