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MS/SEC: Literacy Support & 13YO Cultural Studies

MS/SEC: Literacy Support & 13YO Cultural Studies

Middle School IE         

For the past few weeks, Middle school IE students have been working on writing a personal narrative. They have also been enjoying identifying and assessing conflicts by applying categories of conflict, as well as describing the setting and conflict development throughout the plot. Way to go!   

MS and HS Literacy Support     

MS literacy support students are getting help with their literacy curriculum, and other subjects as well, such as Mathematics and Science. 11-year-old students have been practicing grammar using “Noredink”, and different worksheets, whereas the others have been practicing kind of sentences, punctuation, and capitalization. 

HS Literacy Support students get help with their literacy curriculum, as well as enrich their vocabulary regarding Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies, and practice reading comprehension.    

Cultural Studies 13       

Cultural Studies students have been working on comparing the Gun Powder empires. They have been comparing the types of government, cultural achievement, and the reasons for their decline. Students also have been looking at different articles to answer the main question for unit one. “Which empire would they have rather lived in? Or ruled? They also had fun reviewing the unit with an escape room activity. Currently, they are working on early America’s empires.  Way to go! 

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