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Music: Elem and Up

Music: Elem and Up

Students in Ms. Rich's music classes have been working hard to prepare for their spring concerts. The middle school and secondary students had a concert on May 26th that featured our talented students. Vocal performances included singing in English, Italian, French, and a Polynesian work song that’s sung in Māori. Students also demonstrated skills playing a variety of instruments including violin, viola, cello, drums, bells, a colorful instrument called a boomwhacker, and even kazoos.  

The elementary students will be showcased in their concerts on Monday, May 29th.  The 5-6-7-year-olds will come together to perform "It's Showtime" at 2:30pm. This production will have all of Ms. Rich's lower elementary students singing a variety of songs and feature each grade level individually in a musical number. The 8-9-10-year-old students will also perform on Monday, May 29th at 3:15pm, following the younger students concert. The upper elementary music groups will entertain you with musical numbers that show off their numerous musical skills such as singing and playing the recorder, ukulele, or drums. We hope you will join us at the student performances at TIS. 

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