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Research, Motivation, Indigenous Peoples—Oh, My!

Research, Motivation, Indigenous Peoples—Oh, My!

Students cast a wide net and pull in a rich haul.  

Writing students demonstrate learning from Cultural Studies and Science classes as they execute their first research papers of the year. Gathering notes, avoiding plagiarism, learning the finer points of citation, and extending their learning beyond the textbook, they bring cross-curricular application to their writing work. 

In AP Psychology, students employ “distributed practice” in continual review as they move forward investigating Motivation, Emotion, and Personality. Friendly competition, demonstrations, and self-discovery accompany them on their journey toward taking the AP Exam in early May. Along the way, they consider research and experimental design to pursue in the weeks that follow the exam. 

Literature students transition from Symbol and Theme, with a readers’ theater experience of “The Diary of Anne Frank” to Style, Voice, and Tone, in which they learn different meanings of the word “style”—and get to enjoy literature as actual entertainment! 

Cultural Studies scholars investigate the wide spread of ancient cultures of the Americas, seeking to show how “geography is destiny” and how archeological clues can paint a rich, detailed picture of long-lost peoples and their ways. 

IB Theory of Knowledge students seek to map out “how we know what we know” in the province of politics. Transitioning from a similar investigation into Knowledge and Religion they discover significant overlap, and ask fundamental questions about what people look for in a leader, how much knowledge, opinion and belief factor into political decisions, and just what it means to be political in different realms. 

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