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SEC: AI versus Human

SEC: AI versus Human

The Secondary II Literature students have been reading poems for the month of February discussing what makes iconic, poetic masterpieces. They decided that, for now, humans are doing incredible work using structure, sound, imagery, emotion and meaning in poetry to elevate it to high art, and that artificial intelligence (AI) is not able to reach the levels of human poets when it comes to capturing the human condition. To experiment, they loaded ChatGPT with criteria for creating poems and looked at the results that Chat produced. We thought it would be fun to create a bulletin board contest with a mix of critically acclaimed human poetry and the ChatGPT poems to see if students would be able to pick out which poems were AI and which were human created. Twenty-eight poems filled the board and students were asked to scan a QR code and enter the contest to guess the Chat poems. 

All three winners were Secondary I students who correctly guessed 22 and 23 out of 28 correctly. First place prize was a book of poetry by Khalil Gibran, "The Prophet." Second and third prizes were lemon sodas.

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