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SEC: The Reaper Edition

SEC: The Reaper Edition

As a part of our plant and animal reproduction unit, we talked about plant hybrids. Our textbook used The Carolina Reaper as an example of what is thought to be a hybrid of the ghost pepper and the Red Savina habanero peppers. The Carolina Reaper has an average Scoville heat units measure of 1,569,300. It is considered the hottest pepper in the world though Smokin’ Ed Currie, the grower and producer of The Carolina Reaper has hinted that another, far hotter pepper is in the works. To fully explore the topic of plant hybrids, the 13-year-old class asked fervently to sample a hot pepper sauce made from The Carolina Reaper pepper. So brought to Albania from Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA, home of the PuckerButt Pepper Company, owned and operated by none other than Smokin’ Ed, himself, the 13-year-old life science classes had the opportunity to taste Reaper Squeezin’s, “the hottest sauce we can produce” in the words of Smokin’ Ed, made from 92% Carolina Reaper peppers. The results of the taste test can be read on the faces of the students.

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