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Would you like to register for violin for next year?

Would you like to register for violin for next year?

Dear Parents,

This school year we are continuing our program of music choice. All children of TIS ages 5yo -13yo will have the opportunity to choose from the vocal music program or the violin program during music time. We have a limited number of spaces for violin (approx. 5-8 children per age group). Please read the information below to better inform you of your decision.

Vocal Music

· learn music in the way we do language: listen, verbalize, read, and write.

· learn through musical play: We dance, sing, and enjoy the music

· develop a singing voice: This is the lifelong instrument all children have.

· develop listening skills: higher order thinking is developed through listening to a variety of styles.

· 2 programs/ concerts per school year


· small group learning (5-8 students per class)

· using the Suzuki method (read more about Suzuki in the link below

· getting to know the teaching repertoire through active listening.

· first basics in rhythm and intonation through singing and movement games

· preparation for violin posture and violinist movements

· development of gross and fine motor skills and working out basic violin techniques for beginners

· development of concentration skills, attention to detail, discipline, and perseverance

· motivating and playful elements to loosen up the lessons.

· 2 concerts per school year (solo and ensemble)

· children that progress well in this method will have opportunities to travel outside Albania to participate in Suzuki workshops and concerts.


Our most important goal is for the children to develop an inner relationship with music.

and build an emotional connection through listening, moving, feeling, and playing beginning tunes on the violin.


How to make the best decision for your child

· Ask your child! What are they interested in and what will motivate them?

· Evaluate your child's attention span. Are they able to concentrate for a period that will work well with violin study or group singing lessons?

· Choose Violin if you are committed to helping your child with his/her musical development with practice at home. There will be a required parent workshop for parents of violin students so you will be informed how to help your child at home.


Parent Meeting

We will have a parent informational meeting in the fall with more information.

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail.

From Building Administrators

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