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TIS's Elementary Program

Tirana International School’s elementary program is designed to meet the unique needs of students age 5 to 10.  We offer a full range of academic classes as well as a thorough specials program consisting of art, music, technology, library, and physical education.  We also offer multiple levels of French, Spanish, German language for students 5 year-olds and older.

Our Reading, Writing, and Mathematics programs are based on the “Common Core” in the United States.  Each class has 10 units that must be mastered before moving to the next class.  Course work is both age- and developmentally appropriate, and requires students of all ages to apply what they learn as they learn it.

Our Science and Cultural Studies courses are inquiry-based and students are often engaged in interdisciplinary projects, incorporating environmental stewardship and physical fitness into their units of study.  Each class has five units that must be mastered each year.

We believe that a strong academic program must also have a strong “specials” program.  Students participate in musical performances, study art movements and artists, learn to be digital citizens, choose “good fit books”, and learn how to integrate healthful fitness habits into their lives.  

Throughout our program, students are engaged in projects and field trips which give them hands-on experiences, especially as they learn about our host country and the environment.  Our students are excited to come to school each day, and they find that they are constantly learning and mastering new material.

A popular and enriching part of the TIS experience for elementary school students, beginning at age 5, is the after-school program. Many of these activities are simply for fun and social interaction; however, some are curricular-related—activities.


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TIS is committed to teaching children habits and skills that help them to build character, manage emotional and social situations, and keep themselves safe. Currently, we have a full range of lessons on Child Protection that we teach children of all ages. We also incorporate lessons to support the Success Orientations and Social Emotional Development of the students.

TIS Elementary Program - At a Glance

In elementary, our student-teacher ratio allows even more support to take place in the classroom so that all students are provided continued opportunities to be successful. Both the homeroom teacher and the assistant teacher are directly involved in instruction, corrective teaching, and they encourage students to work to the best of their potential. Our TIS students experience a warm, inviting, and friendly classroom environment; one which focuses on positive interactions and incorporates important success orientations such as kindness and politeness, group interaction, and others. The elementary classes are an exciting place to be at TIS!

Mike Wood
Elementary Coordinator

Elementary Classroom Peak

10YO: Three-day Adventure Across Albania

The 10-year-old classes had a wonderful three-day adventure across Albania. We left Tuesday to travel to Berat. We toured the 2400 year old fort and visited the ethnographic museum.

Later that day we traveled to Gjirokaster, just in time to check into the Musee hotel with a beautiful view of the castle and valley below. Thursday was a tour of the castle and museum, the Cold War tunnel, and the Skenduli house. Of course, souvenir shopping was a big hit.

Thursday we finished our tours in Gjirokaster and drove to the Ecuador resort in Vlore. Evening swim, dinner, bonfire all before bed. The next day we swam for a couple of hours in the sea before visting Apollonia on the way home.

We all had a great time! We wish everyone the best in middle school next year. Congratulations!

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ELEM: Spanish Class

We have little left to successfully complete this academic year.  A year full of many things but above all a year that has given us the possibility in the Spanish class to open a new window towards a new language and culture from the most little ones, 5 years old, to our graduates. The last few weeks have been quite crafty and fun in making piñatas from scratch and decorating them.  Waiting with great enthusiasm for the most delicious part of breaking them and enjoying the treats as a good way to celebrate all together this wonderful year. 

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7YO: Out in the World

The 7 Year Old class has been enjoying the warm weather and taking our studies out into the world. As part of our gardening unit, we have been visiting a local farm where we helped to plant seeds, transplant seedlings, harvest some crops and taste some delicious produce. In Science, our unit on Animals and Habitats has been combined with our Service Learning unit and challenging us to learn everything we can about sea turtles in Albania and how we can help them. This week, we went to Patok, learned even more about local turtles from resident experts, watched them release three rehabilitated sea turtles who were brought in by local fishermen, and then participate in a plastic clean up to try and make sure that animals have a safe and healthy place to live. We even removed a "ghost net" from the environment!

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Albanian at TIS

As the year wraps up and after a hard work throughout the year, I'm extremely grateful to, and proud of, the students of Albanian language at TIS. They are a joy and make all our efforts worthwhile. 

Best wishes from Albanian language students!

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