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Exit Outcomes

When a student leaves Quality Schools International, it is purposed that each student demonstrate success in specified general outcomes or behaviors. When a student graduates from QSI, these outcomes are built into the graduation requirements and are reflected on both the graduation diploma and the student transcript. These outcomes are also reflected on a continual basis in the student evaluation reports at all age levels. 

These Exit Outcomes fall into three categories: Success Orientations, Competencies, and Knowledge. Although there are related and overlapping issues and interdependencies among these three categories, they may be identified by the verbs ‘to be’ (Success Orientations), ‘to do’ (Competencies), and ‘to know’ (Knowledge). They are organized as follows: 


  • Verbal and Written Communications Skills 
  • Numeracy and Mathematical Skills 
  • Psychomotor Skills 
  • Commercial Skills 
  • Artistic and Musical Skills 
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Skills 
  • Decision Making and Judgment Skills 



  • Knowledge
  • English/Literature 
  • Mathematics 
  • Cultural Studies 
  • Science 
  • Languages other than English 
  • Creative and Applied Arts 
  • Personal Health & World 

Success Orientations


  • Trustworthiness 
  • Responsibility 
  • Concern for Others 
  • Kindness/Politeness 
  • Group Interaction 
  • Aesthetic Appreciation 
  • Independent Endeavor