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In the modern world, there has been a vast explosion of knowledge which continues today! It is impossible to include all knowledge in a school curriculum. Quality Schools International carefully selects knowledge considered essential for a person educated in modern society and concentrates on mastery of these essentials. The theme “less is more” is employed which means that it is better to engage in the study of less information and gain mastery with a view to proficient use as applied to higher learning, than it is to “cover” large amounts of information superficially and without mastery. 

In order to develop competencies, one must have a firm foundation of facts and knowledge. Certain facts must be memorized and used as tools in gaining additional knowledge and in developing competencies. Additional knowledge is gained by building upon and combining fundamental facts and bits of knowledge. This happens by hearing, seeing, and experiencing in learning situations, followed by practice and repeated exposure. Some of the ways this happens are through dialogue, questioning, experimentation, risk-taking, and group activities. 

In the realm of knowledge, QSI has identified seven areas. Mastery of these Exit Outcomes will lead to a successful school experience in Quality Schools International.