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Our Preschool is Fostering Independence and Learning Through Play 

Tirana International School has a thriving, exciting program for preschool aged children from around the world.  Our teachers and paraprofessionals have a firm understanding of how children learn and grow. All the teaching subjects are taught in English, most of the teaching staff are English native speakers, they are all certificated and qualified teachers. We accept children from age 2 into our international program that includes developmental instruction, lots of exercise, and healthy food choices.Pre-school students have their Schedule for Specials as well  and 2-3 times per week they have Physical Education, Library, Techology and Music. 

The TIS preschool curriculum supports the belief that young children learn best through play and hands-on activities. Play is important for the development of imagination, creativity, social and emotional skills, and problem-solving. Through play students also learn age-appropriate mathematical as well as literacy skills, how to work with others, share and wait for their turn. We foster a love of learning and encourage children to become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners.


Jennie Fredriksson
Preschool Coordinator

TIS Preschool - At a Glance

I am impressed with the TIS preschool teachers for their expertise in child development and best practices in early childhood  education. TIS is a nurturing environment which supports the academic, social and emotional development of each unique child. My children are excited to come to school each day. TIS has inspired them to love learning. 

TIS Parent

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Preschool Classroom Peaks

4YO: The Gingerbread Escape!!

Today the 4yo Dandelion class escaped from their first ever Escape Room!!! They had 20 minutes to worked together to solve clues, unlock boxes, and ultimately free the lost gingerbread man cookies.  They finished with 1 second to sparešŸ˜¬  The reward was getting to decorate and eat the freed gingerbread cookies! Yum!

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4YO: P.E. Time!

This week, the 4-year-olds in P.E. practiced throwing at targets. They threw pool noodles and attempted to throw small balls through the giant pool noodle rings. These activities helped a lot with their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, and promoted social interaction. The children cheered each other on and engaged in friendly competition.

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4YO: Pets

This week the Daisy Class have been learning about pets. We have been reading books and singing songs to help us when naming and describing different pets we might have in our homes and how to care for them. The children loved dressing up as a vet at our dramatic play table. They enjoyed taking care of each pet with bandages and x rays and learned about empathy and kindness. We also had a surprise visit from a puppy and a goldfish which was so exciting for the children. They asked so many questions and drew what they observed. Well done to the Daisy Class.

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