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Our Preschool is Fostering Independence and Learning Through Play 

Tirana International School has a thriving, exciting program for preschool aged children from around the world.  Our teachers and paraprofessionals have a firm understanding of how children learn and grow. All the teaching subjects are taught in English, most of the teaching staff are English native speakers, they are all certificated and qualified teachers. We accept children from age 2 into our international program that includes developmental instruction, lots of exercise, and healthy food choices.Pre-school students have their Schedule for Specials as well  and 2-3 times per week they have Physical Education, Library, Techology and Music. 

The TIS preschool curriculum supports the belief that young children learn best through play and hands-on activities. Play is important for the development of imagination, creativity, social and emotional skills, and problem-solving. Through play students also learn age-appropriate mathematical as well as literacy skills, how to work with others, share and wait for their turn. We foster a love of learning and encourage children to become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners.


Jennie Fredriksson
Preschool Coordinator

TIS Preschool - At a Glance

I am impressed with the TIS preschool teachers for their expertise in child development and best practices in early childhood  education. TIS is a nurturing environment which supports the academic, social and emotional development of each unique child. My children are excited to come to school each day. TIS has inspired them to love learning. 

TIS Parent

Learning as a Preschooler
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Preschool Classroom Peaks

2YO: Spring has Sprung!

The Class have been exploring the season of Spring this week and watching their world as it changes. At exploration time the children study the effects of the changing weather outside by collecting and investigating flowers, acorns, sticks and leaves. They have also noticed that the days are becoming warmer and lighter and there is more colour in the plants and trees around us. At the water tray the children have been using their fine motor skills to collect and count different coloured flowers. Circle time has been focused around listening to Spring themed stories about the weather and the season; they loved singing the ‘Colours of the Rainbow’ song. Finally, the children have enjoyed working on their communication skills during role-play time where they took on the role of buying and selling flowers with their friends and teachers. Well done Sunflowers!

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4YO: Excitement in the Daisy Class

Excitement was felt all week in the Daisy class. We missed each other so much and spent time sharing about our mid-winter break with some photos and videos. Story retelling is a skill that Daisy's have been working on, so sharing about holidays gave the students real world retelling practice. We made sure to celebrate our teachers and our mothers this week by crafting beautiful hand-made cards. This week we also continued with our building and creating unit. The students enjoyed working with different building tools and exploring different machines

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4Y0: Bang, Bang, Bang

The carpenter's hammer goes bang, bang, bang. And his saw goes see, saw, see.  He plans and he measures, and he hammers and saws, while he builds a house for me! The Dandelions have been learning how to use real tools safely and properly.  They have been busy pounding, sawing, and drilling this week (sorry for the noise).  They are using their new skills to make little hedgehogs made from wood and nails!

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