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Health and Safety

The goal of the TIS Health Services is to promote wellness within the community of learners and stakeholders.  Education research clearly shows that students that are healthy and happy are better able to master new concepts and share their ideas with others.  

Families may visit the Health Service office during the school day from 7:45 to 4:00 to inquire about illness or preventative care.  Our hope is to provide information and support for our families as they determine the best care for their children.  

Newcomers to the school should schedule an appointment to visit our office before beginning the first day of school.  This visit will provide an opportunity to discuss any health issues, allergies, or other concerns that TIS should be aware of as we work with your child.  During the school year, our office conducts vision and hearing screenings for children and communicates results to families so that they might follow up on the results.    

As a reminder, TIS is a nut free school due to some severe nut allergies within our community.  We understand that this causes an inconvenience for some and appreciate your willingness to help keep our community safe.  

School Doctor

Our school doctor is Valbona Selmani. Dr. Valbona has 10 years of experience at TIS and 17 years as a doctor within Albania. 

Please feel free to reach out to her if you have questions or concerns.

Valbona Selmani MD, Tirana International School Doctor

Tel: +355 42 365239   Email: